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RSO FAQ Regarding COVID-19

Where can I find RSO updates during this COVID-19 response?

The CLACS office is communicating consistently in these ways:   Bulldog News; Bulldog Connect Homepage announcements, CLACS Facebook and Instagram, and emails to RSO President and Advisor.   

Can I still get help from CLACS?

All office staff are working remotely and available to help. 

You can contact us at the following places: [email protected]    or   231.591.2685

If you would like to set up an appointment you can Request a Student Organization Coach.

Can my RSO still meet?
Yes.  RSOs can still be engaged.  Groups can still meet using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.

Are there any events left this semester?
Yes. Go to Bulldog Connect and click on Events. Next, click on TAGS and select Virtual from the dropdown menu.  You will now see any virtual events being held in the next 30 days.  You can click on dates and change parameters to see events being held further out than the next 30 days.

If you plan to host any virtual events you would like others to know about, remember to select the Virtual TAG when you register the event.

My RSO has things in CLACS Storage, are we able to pick it up? 

Not at this time, but once the University Center reopens you will be able to pick up during regular business hours.

How can I get my RSO mail from the CLACS Office?

Not at this time, but once the University Center reopens you will be able to pick up during regular business hours.

Can we plan for Fall?
Yes! and we encourage this. Planning can continue through virtual meetings.  Fall events and travel can still be registered through Bulldog Connect Event Registration Form. If your Eboard is changing this is a great time to prepare the new officers for the Fall.  Pass along any training info, already planned event details, Bulldog Connect information, and other resources.  You can also develop recruitment advertisements and prepare for Bulldog Bonanza happening in the Fall.

Can we reserve our meeting space for the Fall?
Yes, starting on April 1st.  RSO’s will be able to reserve space in the University Center for the Fall through EMS in MyFSU. The Academic Space request forms are available here. Please click on RSO Academic Space Requests.  Completed forms can be emailed to [email protected].    RSO Guide for University Center reservations

We hold our elections in the Spring, what do we do?
As many RSOs hold elections around this time of year, Bulldog Connect allows groups to create a ballot.   You can see a walkthrough video here.

Can our members still log volunteer service hours?
Absolutely.  Remember to have your members to log any service hours in Bulldog Connect through the Apply for an Opportunity form.  Initiative 125 service award will still be recognized the end of April.  All students who have submitted 125 or more service hours into Bulldog Connect will earn this medallion and certificate award.  

Can we request funding from Finance Division for travel and events in the Fall?
RSO’s will still be able to request funding this spring semester for summer and fall allocations.  RSO Treasurers will get an email of this process when details are complete.   The new process will also be sent out in Bulldog News and posted in Bulldog Connect Announcements.

Are there still service opportunities?
Yes.   CLACS Virtual Volunteer Opportunity Listing.   New opportunities will be added here and announced on CLACS social media platforms as they become available. 

Providing opportunities for students to connect with, create, and lead student organizations.

  • An RSO is a group of at least five students and one Ferris State employee advisor that share a common interest. An RSO has completed an application and presentation, been approved by a campus committee, and are now recognized by the University to operate on campus and receive special privileges and access to resources.

    There are more than 220+ RSO's on campus; with more being created every month. There are groups that are faith based, academic, club sports, Greek, special interest, and more. 

    • Learn more about yourself
    • Meet new people
    • Ease the transition from high school to college 
    • Involved students are more likely to graduate
    • Expand your resume by developing soft skills
    • Learn how to work with a team
    • Networking opportunities
    • Apply your classroom experiences to a real-world environment
    • Learn how to engage with diverse groups of people
    • Gain leadership skills
    • Give back to the community
    • Have fun
  • Check out Bulldog Connect to find a complete listing of all our student organizations.  Each RSO has unique membership procedures, contact the RSO directly for more information. 

    If you do not see an organization that matches your interest, contact the CLACS office to learn about starting a new RSO.  


  • The RSO recognition program is an annual opportunity for Ferris State registered student organizations to showcase their story of how they have developed over the year and impacted the campus and community.  

    RSOs provide evidence and a brief explanation for the following areas:

    • Campus Engagement
    • Events and Activities
    • Member Development
    • Community Engagement and Service
    • Mission

    Being recognized for your organization's development has many benefits. 

    • Gain more members
    • Receive invite only opportunities
    • Sharing the story that organizations do a lot for the students and community
    • Recognizable as an RSO who goes above and beyond
    • Enticing monetary awards for the RSO


    This year’s winners:


    Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, Inc.


    Alpha Sigma Tau

    American Marketing Association

    Pre-Medicine and Pre PA Club

    Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority, Inc.