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Torchbearer 2019 Award Winners

  • The Rising Star is an annual award recognizing students who have exhibited their promise as emerging leaders through campus and community involvement.  Eligible students met GPA requirements, were nominated, completed an application, and judged by a panel of faculty, staff, and alumni. Judges were looking for students who have attended leadership training, developed leadership goals, and have begun impacting the campus community.


    Kayla Berry, Bailey Sweeney, Camryn Booms, Leszley Rodriguez, and Veronica Mascorro.

  • In 2009, to celebrate Ferris State University’s 125th birthday, a service award was created to honor our Founders’ legacy of commitment to service.  The Initiative 125 Service award is given to individuals who have completed 125 hours of service or more in the past year.


    Melanie Bale, Katelyn Berens, Byron Brooks, Emily Charles, Emily Faltin, Declan Flood, Erica Foote, Mariah Gaither, Lilian Gray, Nicholas Hadley, Ciara Kibby, Cassandra Kolka, Noelle Kraus, An Le, Arianna Lozano, Trevor Polisuk – Balfor, Lucille Reigle, Megan Ritchie, Maria Rogers, Hannah Romero, Samantha Sanchez – Rivera, Sara Sease, Jonathan Stevens, Madison Tollstam, Stephanie Weller, and Alysha West.

  • The Volunteer of the Year award recognizes students who have the most recorded and approved volunteer hours this past year


    Cassandra Kolka with 437.45 hours

    Arianna Lozano with 466.8 hours

    Stephanie Weller with 553.5 hours

  • The Community Impact Award asks community partners from Mecosta and Osceola Counties to nominate their most deserving Ferris State student volunteer.   The volunteer must showcase their work advancing the mission of the community organization through dedication, passion, and commitment.


    Katelyn Berens 

  • The Newman Civic Fellows Award recognizes and supports community committed students who have demonstrated an investment in finding solutions for challenges facing communities throughout the country.  This award provides training and resources that nurture the students’ assets and passions to help develop strategies to achieve social change. There is only one representative selected from each Member University and the nomination must come from the President’s office.


    Ally Faulkner

  • The OMSS Above and Beyond Award honors students who have been actively engaged with the Office of Multicultural Student Services over the past academic year.


    Nia Goins, Idasha Jones, and Byron Brooks.

  • Honored:

    Joseph Rockwell, Rebecca James, Taylor Scheurer, Victoria Sellas, Jonathon Stevens, and Brittney Rickerson.


    Victoria Sellas

  • The Ubuntu International Student Ambassador Award goes to an International student who embodies the Philosophy of Ubuntu, which has been adopted by the Office of International Education.  Ubuntu means, “I am who I am because of who we all are.” This recipient has lived by this philosophy by not only being an ambassador from her country but also an ambassador on campus.


    Anirudh Baliga and Kexin (Coco) Zheng

  • The Ubuntu Education Abroad Scholar also goes to a domestic student who embodies the Ubuntu Philosophy as well by engaging globally through study abroad and campus engagement.


    Rebecca James

  • The Club Sport Core Values Award was created to honor a Club Sport that best represents Ferris State University. These nominees represent Ferris through our core values that we pride ourselves, so highly on… Collaboration, Diversity, Ethical Community, Excellence, Learning, and Opportunity. Each year, the clubs that are selected for this award demonstrate these values on the playing field, throughout our campus, and within our community. They also carry and represent these values throughout our state, the Midwest region, and at a national level.


    Women’s Volleyball

  • This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated exceptional leadership through their involvement with Veterans on campus and in the local community.  The recipient should be a student who has a strong desire to continue serving others after leaving the military.  This award is given to a student who also exhibits a strong balance between academics, employment and personal life.  This student may have also overcome significant obstacles during the transition from the military to Ferris State University.


    Tracy Little, Nathaniel Wyatt, Kristin Wilcox, Christopher Rawson, Tiphani Blenman, and Dan Hall.


    Kristin Wilcox

  • Winners:

    New Member of the Year Winner: McKenna Matthews of Zeta Tau Alpha.

    President of the Year Winner: Shaylee Meyer of Alpha Xi Delta.

    Fraternity Member of the Year Winner: Daniel Rivera from Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, Inc.

    Sorority Member of the Year Winner: Christine Labby from Alpha Xi Delta.

    Outstanding Program of the Year Winner: Phi Sigma Kappa

  • The Promesa Scholars Award recognizes extraordinary individual individuals who have achieved all program standards through the Promesa Scholars Program. These individuals will continue as scholars of the program for the following 2018/19 academic year


    Bryan Salinas, Jose Romo, Katy Moreno, Lesly Rodriguez, and Edith Moreno

  • To be eligible to apply for Five star status, RSO’s must keep up to date on any required trainings, submit an OrgSync profile update on time both semesters as well as be able to prove that the RSO’s actions are furthering the University’s Mission and Core Values which are Collaboration, Diversity, Ethical Community, Excellence, Learning, and Opportunity.

    Each eligible RSO interested in this honor, completes an ePortfolio showcasing their accomplishments on campus and in the community, member development, sponsoring of events, and overall impact of the organization.  
    Only the Top RSOs are recognized with this Five Star honor each year.  The selected 5 star organizations will be showcased online and receive special privileges and invite only opportunities for the next academic year.


    American Marketing Association, Social Work Association, and Students for a Sensible Drug Policy.

  • Every Registered Student Organization (RSO) is required to have a faculty/staff advisor. They provide guidance to the organization and serve as a liaison for the students regarding University policies and procedures. Only one advisor will gain the recognition of the annual Outstanding Advisor award but we do want to recognize all of the advisors who are nominated that take the extra time to assist these student groups.  Advisors who are involved in their RSO, are easily accessible to the students in the organization, and really put the effort into their position as advisor are very deserving of the award.


    Rusty Leonard

  • The Torchbearer Award recognizes students who will be graduating in the next year.  Nominees must meet eligibility requirements and exhibit outstanding leadership skills during their career at Ferris.  Torchbearer recipients are leaders on campus, in the classroom, and in the community


    Maria Rogers, Lucy Reigle, Jonathan Stevens, Anna Bron, Andrew Kapanowski, April Wilson, Tess Strasser, Amber Hubbard, Joseph Rockwell, and Mariah Gaither.


Torchbearer 2018 Award Winners

  • Winners:

    Bobby Gill, Allyson Faulkner, Joseph Osborn, Nicholas Hadley, Erica Foote, and Gregory Brunner

  • Winners:

    Logan Bixman, Lauren Burkhardt, Justine Chaplinsky, Emily Faltin, Melony Federspiel, Channing Gulick, Cynthia Horn, Cassandra Kolka, Paige Kramer, Megan Liede, Arianna Lozano, Miranda Maitland, Cerria Makielski, Megan Meerman, Jacklyn Merillat, Katie Nimtz, Joseph Rockwell, Taylor Shepeard, Kayle Stenthal, Mari Suokko, Drue Thornton, Taylor VanderLaan, Stephanie Weller, Alysha West, Lindsey Winslow, and Erica Foote.

  • Winners: 

    Emily Falitn served 356 hours

    Cassandra Kolka served 389 hours

    Arianna Lozano served 392.5 hours

  • Winner: Cassandra Kolka
  • Winner: Daniel Rivera
  • Winners:

    Da'Meea Taylor

    Ziahni Davis

    Gregory Brewster

    Lashai Watson

    Jeffery Carodine

  • Honored:

    Emily Rose Hackbart, Cassandra Kolka, Melissa Fairchild, and Kelsey Diamond


    Melissa Fairchild

  • Winner:

    Ji Hyeon Baik

  • Winner:

    Kennedy Schafer

  • Winner:

    The Wrestling Team

  • Megan Liede, Sadie Weller, Ethan Vanderlaan, Marina Robbins, Cassie Deising
  • New Member of the Year Winner: Camryn Booms

    President of the Year Winner: Malia Jeudevine

    Fraternity Member of the Year Winner: Kevin Hartwig

    Sorority Member of the Year Winner: Sarah Scorpio

    Outstanding Program of the Year Winner: Sigma Phi Epsilon


  • Winners:

    Mari Alvarado, Jackie Calzada, Julia Castilho, Taylor Flannigan, Christian Gomez-Canchola, Melissa Hernandez, Marisol Martinez, Sayra Moore, Rogelio Nino-Vasquez, David Perez, Sandra Ramirez Espinoza, Juan Ramirez-Diaz Jr., Daniel Rivera, Lezley Rodriguez, Marco Rojas-Garcia, Bryan Salinas, Amanda Sanchez, and Samantha Sanchez-Rivera

  • Winners:

    American Marketing Association

    Bulldog Sustainability

    Public Reltaions Student Society of America

    Social Work Association

  • Winner:

    Clay Dedeaux

  • Winners:

    Cindy Tran, Benjamin Letherer, Cortney Wernette, Megan Leide, Sarah Pirrami, Lotte Halm, Katie Nimtz, Paige Kramer, Patrick Maloney, Sean Williams, Marley Tucker, and Adam Jandura

Congratulations to all of our Nominees and Winners. We hope to see you at next years Torchbearer.