President's Message to Campus - April 22, 2019

Employee Service Awards

This is the special time of year when we honor and celebrate faculty and staff for their accomplishments and outstanding service to the University. Please join your colleagues for the annual employee service awards on Wednesday, April 24, inside the University Center Ballroom from 3 to 5 p.m.

We are fortunate to have so many employees dedicated to serving our students at Ferris State University. This year we have the opportunity to share a special moment with Ann Breitenwischer. Ann, a research and instruction librarian, and professor of library and instructional services, has served our students for 50 years, having been employed at Ferris since 1969. This is an extraordinary milestone that few will achieve. I look forward to celebrating Ann’s service, and the service of her colleagues, along with numerous other awards including the Distinguished Staff and Team Awards.

It is a pleasure to announce this year’s honorees:

Distinguished Staff Awardees
Shana Beisiegel, University Center
Kevin Bunce, Advancement and Marketing
Mark Eichenberg, Physical Plant
Melanie Mulder, Financial Aid
Shannon Yost, College of Business

Distinguished Team Award
Crimson and Gold Team – Kristen Salomonson, chair. Team members are Jessica Davison, Angela Garrey, Lincoln Gibbs, Richard Goosen, Kristi Haik, Arrick Jackson, Arielle Miller, David Nicol, Brandie Sigler, Nick Smith and Sherry Standen.

Please join me in congratulating this year’s recipients. I want to thank the Distinguished Staff and Team Committee: Elise Gramza (chair), Jody Gardei, Donna Eaton, Karen Kirk and Lisa vonReichbauer for the difficult work of choosing winners from among the many worthy nominees.

This year we are proud to recognize 284 employees, representing 3,025 years of service to Ferris State University. On Wednesday we will honor the following employees for completing five-year increments of full-time, continuous service to the University.

5 Years
Rachel Adeyanju, Rick Amidon, Kimberly Andrus, Jenny Armentrout, Todd Armstrong, Thomas Bade, Barbara Barney McNamara, Kenneth Bartolome, Brenton Bashore, Adeline Bauer, Beau Bielecki, Sonya Biller, Fredrick Bliss, Pamela Blue, Felix Bollou, Michael Bomay, Lynn Bowen, Thomas Brennan, Cathy Bridges-Shoemaker, David Bright, Margaret Brown, Ronald Bullotta, Lisa Burch, Judy Burtch, Sara Bush, Megan Byrnes, Brian Cady, Gary Chesebro, Nancy Clark Coleman, Kenneth Clark, Jessica Cosper, Elisa Cotter, Michael Cousineau, Matthew Crosson, Christopher DeFraia, Sharon DelBello, Frank Demers, Susan Devuyst-Miller, Jennifer Dirmeyer, Stephen Drake, Donald Duchene, Arik Eastling, Donna Ecklesdafer, Nikila Edwards, Joshua Eling, Blair Entenmann, Antionette Epps, Patricia Fasbender, Brady Flachs, Lucero FloresPaez, Jennifer Fong, Laura Forbes, Eric Fradette, Lori France, Joshua Fricke, Lee Gardner, Michele Glazewski, Scott Goethals, Rachel Goldman, Donna Green, Danyelle Gregory, Phillip Grim, Stephen Guilliat, Stephanie Gustman, Randall Haas, Karen Hanson, Laude Hartrum, Lucas Hedman, Waileong Ho, Maribeth Hollern, Jessica Hoover, Laurel Humphreys, Emmanuel Jadhav, Lori Jenema, Andrea Johnson, James Jones, Michael Kasher, Jared Kelsh, Lisa Kemmis, Brenda Khalil, Beth Kirshner, Jennifer Koetje, Christopher Komara, Jacklyn Krygier, Eppie LaBiche, Jennifer Lamberts, Michele Laurino, Nathan Leatherman, Wendy Lenon, Gerard Lucas, Aaron Madziar, Kenneth Main, Jody Maloney, Brian McCall, Kurt McCamman, Matthew McCullen, Joseph McKew, Nicholas Melville, Daniel Meyers, Kerry Milarch, Erin Militzer Benander, Arielle Miller, Brian Miller, Marcela Moralez Morris, Lisa Morley, Laura Mumby, Kathleen Murray, Laurie Nelson, Ross Nelson, Penney Nichols-Whitehead, Anuli Njoku, Stephen Nybo, Dawn Odien, Bunnita Ouwinga, Natalie Owen, Jeffrey Pedelty, Donna Penny, Jody Pratt, Michael Reger, Julia Reges, Janella Robinson, Rhonda Robson, Colleen Rockafellow, Frank Roder, Barbara Rogers, Karen Royster James, Christopher Rybak, William Salem, Lisa Salvati, Alicia Schaub, Kristi Scholten, Kathleen Shannon, James Shimko, Kimberly Smith, Melissa Smith, Nicholas Smith, Tesfa Smith, Minji Sohn, Glenn Solowiej, Tammy Spring, Sandra Stoddard, Gregory Teter, Michael Thomas, Carrie Thompson, Robert Thompson, John Topping, Michele Upton, Christine Veneklase, Timothy VerHey, Sean Waanders, Fathima Wakeel, Michael Walsh, Jeanine Ward-Roof, Theodore Warthman, Margaret Waters, James White, Austin Williams, Michael Wiltse, Robert Workman, Kathleen Wykes, Jane Zlojutro and Paul Zube

10 Years
Derek Ameel, Stacy Anderson, Shana Beisiegel, Jacob Bouvrette, Christina Bregg, Kathy Carroll, Daisy Daubert, Steven Dockham, Donna Eaton, Jodie Elder, Lisa Eshbach, Justin Faris, Jocelyn Goheen, Suzanne Iverson, Tamar Kermit, Karyn Kiio, Larry Levine, Marsha Longbrake, Richard Marble, Carole McKenna, Kasey Ninke, Susan Owens, Kristin Poleski, Richelle Ranshaw, Christopher Redker, Angela Roman, Amy Ruppel, Jerry Scoby, Dharmalaxmi Shetty, Mischelle Stone, Wesley Thompson, Lisa Topping, Jerome Trouba, Eric Warner, Lori WhippleSchussler, Scott Wilcox, Changqi Zhu and Gregory Zimmerman

15 Years
Brian Anderson, Catherine Archer, Kimberly Beistle, Denise Byrnes, Timothy Cassady, Julia Courtney, Michael DePew, Mark Dekoster, Larry Dooley, Mark Falsetta, Tracy Glentz, Jeffrey Hardesty, Linda Hayes, Christina Hollenbeck, Aaron Humphreys, Terry Langan, Sandra Larie, Lynn Lewis, Joshua Lotoczky, Gary Maike, Michael McKay, Matthey McNulty, Thomas Morris, Robert Most, David Steffens, Jill Trinklein, Marianne Vanhorn, Nancy Walcutt, Trinidy Williams and Darren Wilson

20 Years
Michelle Aldrich, Melanie Buffin, Greg Gogolin, Shawnee Griffin, Kathleen Harlan, Jennifer Hegenauer, Marlene Jehnsen, Tina Jensen, Renee Koski, Dean Krager, Angela Mishler, Jeremy Mishler, Brad Moulter, Stephanie Noud, Coleen Partigianoni, Lori Rendel, Gordon Reynolds, Vicky Rockey, Beth Schoenlein, Joseph Strohkirch, Allen Sutherby, Mark Swan, Christi Swank, Joanne Telfor, Joseph Tripp, Lynette Vought and Daniel Wanink

25 Years
Pasquale Di Raddo, Drew Famulak, Lori Johnson, Kimberly Kleeves, Sheila MacEachron, Wendy Samuels, Philip Walling and Richard Weaver

30 Years
Robert Barnum, Peter Daniels, Linda Ferguson, Michael Langan, Kristine Myers, David Page, Leona Royer, Scott Thede and Daniel Vanhorn

35 Years
Sandra Balkema, John Cullen, Larrey Eberts, James Miller, Gary Myers, Dale Schoner and Randy Snavley

40 Years
Tyron Collins and Marc Nienhuis

50 Years
Ann Breitenwischer

Thank you so very much for your commitment and dedication to Ferris State University, and for all you do for our students and the entire campus community. Please take time to join us on Wednesday and congratulate all of our award recipients for their outstanding service.

Swan Annex Dedication

On Friday we will celebrate the Swan Annex expansion and renovation dedication ceremony from 1 to 3 p.m. The renovations and additions have created new Centers for Advanced Manufacturing and Welding Excellence, along with additional space for Manufacturing Engineering Technology. These enhancements will expand opportunities for the students and faculty in these programs as well as industry partners who hire our graduates.

This project would not have been possible without the support of the $22.5 million Capital Outlay funding we received from the state, championed by former Senator Darwin Booher. If your schedule allows, please join us for a brief program and self-guided tours of the facility.


Yesterday our men's golf team won its 20th GLIAC Championship, beating Grand Valley State 3-2 in the medal match round and the number one seed Ashland by a 2-1-2 score in afternoon play to secure the title. The team, which was ranked fourth in the NCAA Midwest Regional Rankings entering the conference championships, awaits the official NCAA selection announcement set for later this week. The NCAA Division II Super Regional Championships are set for May 9-11 in Hot Springs, Ark. Congratulations to head coach Kyle Wittenbach and the entire team on their victory over the weekend.

David L. Eisler, president