Student Dignity and Harassment

Student behavior at FSU is also governed by the document, Student Dignity and Harassment Policy. The majority of that document mirrors information found in the Employee/Dignity/Harassment/Discrimination information. However, the Diversity Office advises students who have been victimized to consider doing the following:

  1. If the incident is a criminal offense, report the matter to Public Safety;
  2. If the incident is a non-criminal offense and involves a teacher, consider reporting the incident to the Department Head/Division Head of the teacher—if the incident is not resolved, report the incident to the Academic Dean in the college where the instructor teaches;
  3. Consider reporting the incident to your Academic Advisor;
  4. Regardless of offender, consider reporting the incident;
  5. If you need counseling please make an appointment with one of the professional counselors at the Birkam Center;
  6. Keep a journal about the incident and how it was resolved;
  7. Talk to officials in the Diversity Office.