Positioning Themes

  1. Opportunity: It is one of two words on our university seal that captures what Ferris State University is really about.

  2. This is a pivotal time in Michigan’s history in which the word “transformation” should be the inspiration for an era of renewed achievement and reward. It is a familiar situation for Ferris State University, and we are as excited by the challenge as we are prepared to engage it. After all, Ferris was involved in the creation of the first “new” Michigan in 1884.

  3. Ferris State prepares people to drive innovation, efficiency, and productivity—the performance demands of the global economy. If Michigan is ready to do business, then Ferris is ready as the university for Michigan’s business future by shaping talent to succeed in the competitive environment.

  4. The distinguishing value of Ferris State’s education is the effectiveness of teaching and the strength of what students learn in a place where “theory meets practice.”

  5. Ferris State is a university that looks like the American future—accessible and diverse.