Key Marketing Messages

Ferris State University has many wonderful attributes. For clarity and consistency in our group effort of promoting the university, we welcome you to use the following key messages in your communications.

  1. Ferris State University is a learning community dedicated to the vision of its founder to provide educational opportunity for Michigan's citizens to reach their full potential, regardless of age, race or economic status.

  2. Ferris State University offers a challenging and rigorous curriculum that provides a unique blend of technical and professional programs, with the foundation for these programs rooted in traditional academic areas. Programs include several that are unique in Michigan and the United States.

  3. Ferris State University is recognized for excellence of education by maintaining current, relevant coursework which provides graduates with hands-on skills that allow them to be productive employees from the first day of employment. Ferris also builds real-world relevancy into its coursework by requiring program-related internships in more than 90 percent of its degree programs.

  4. Ferris State University focuses on teaching, with more than 85 percent of all instruction performed by full-time, tenure track faculty. No graduate assistants are used for instruction.

  5. Ferris State University is a statewide leader in laddered “2+2” programs, in which students first earn an associate and then a bachelor's degree.

  6. Ferris State University provides students of many different backgrounds access to educational opportunity through a traditional, residential college experience on its main campus in Big Rapids, or through statewide locations, online learning and partnerships with community colleges and career technical centers.

  7. Ferris State University is dedicated to providing an affordable education for all students by engaging its network of alumni, donors, foundations, industry leaders, and federal and state sources.

  8. Ferris State University provides an education that serves as the basis for lifelong learning by providing the skills needed to lead a productive and enriching life in an ever-changing world.

  9. Ferris State University has students sought out by business and industry before they graduate, with some disciplines having a 100-percent placement rate, of those graduates who responded to a graduate follow-up survey.

  10. A Ferris State University education does not end when a degree is awarded. It challenges students, alumni, faculty and other stakeholders to “Imagine More.”