Turn Around Time - Completion Time

Please plan for 5 working days for the completion of your print work. If changes need to be make to your document, plan for 5 days after the final approval of your design. Larger jobs that require more finishing work such as cutting, inserts, binding – may require more time.

If you have a tight deadline, let us and know and we’ll do our best to make your in hands date. Rush charges may be applied for short turn around times - if we have to move other jobs on the production schedule to accommodate your work, we run our shifts later and need to cover overtime.

File Size/Print Size

Please submit your file normally, not the size of your finished print size. Our software will adjust to make your file the size it needs to be for printing.

Files that need changes may incur charges for our design time. Design charges start at $25 per hour.


Ferris Printing Services delivers to the Ferris campus daily. Times may fluctuate due to the availability of staff and weather conditions. Please plan ahead to ensure your materials arrive before your deadline.

Paper Options

Let us know what you have in mind or we can provide you with suggestions and recommendations. We offer 140 different colors of paper in various weight and textures.