MyDegree Upgrade

MyDegree Upgrade is complete

The MyDegree Team in conjunction with IT has been working on the upgrade for MyDegree. We we went live 9/23/2019 and have gone from version 4.1.6 to 5.0.1.

 What does this mean to you:

  1. The login experience will be different for non-student users. In the past when a non-student user wanted to view the degree audit of a future student, they had to login to MyDegree with a current student and then use the Find button to pull up the future student’s degree audit (the Worksheet) in MyDegree. To allow users to find future students directly, the upgrade will place the non-student user in MyDegree on the Dashboard first, then the user can either type in the student’s CWID or use the “Find” button to find a student. Read the instructions or watch a video to see the new process.
  2. The login experience will NOT change for student users.
  3. With the exception of going to the Dashboard after login, nothing about the look and feel of MyDegree has changed. Most of the changes were “behind the scenes” changes. For a summary of changes read the upgrade highlights below.

 MyDegree Upgrade Highlights

  • When using the What-If feature, you can now create a PDF.
  • If the pre-registered course button is turned off, Transfer courses will not disappear.
  • A course with a failing grade may have shown as earning credits. They now show zero (0) credits earned.
  • When adding a choice requirement to a plan you can now have more than 6 choices.
  • Future terms in a plan no longer show their tracking status.
  • A plan cannot be deleted if it is active and locked.
  • A user can no longer save blank notes.
  • If you can delete notes, you can now delete more than just the first note.
  • The code for in-progress course and a course with a grade of “In Progress” were the same. That is now different. A course with a grade of “In Progress” will remain “IP” while an in-progress course will now show with a code “INPR”.
  • The section header, the yellow bar, will not check as complete until all requirements are complete. It used to give a green checkmark if there were in-progress courses.
  • The Preparatory Courses section will now be called “Don’t Count”.