Latino Talent Initiative

    1. To equip young Latino professionals with the skills, resources, and confidence needed to become leaders at work and in their own communities.
    2. To build a professional network with the fastest growing business segment in the nation.
  • The Latino community in the United States is rapidly growing and will continue to have a profound impact on society, culture, the workforce, our economy, and our businesses. Ferris is committed to encouraging economic growth in West Michigan by working to develop young Latinos into leaders. With our Latino Talent Initiative program, the entire West Michigan region can benefit. By ensuring that we are developing strong leaders who understand themselves as professionals and the importance of civic engagement, Ferris is helping Michigan move forward.

  • The Latino Talent Initiative is ideal for individuals  looking to enhance their competitive edge by developing their young Latino professionals.

    We encourage young professionals from diverse backgrounds to apply for this program.

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  • Training Content

    • Topic areas are covered across sessions, not isolated from each other; each topic area is interdependent on the others.
    • This model uses a cumulative learning approach; each area of training builds on the previous one.
    • Panelists and presenters are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality of delivery.
    • The eight-session comprehensive program consists of an orientation focused on self-discovery and four main topic areas: Cultural Awareness, Professional Development, Leadership 101, and Civic Engagement.

    Orientation: Self-Discovery

    Individuals will identify and assess their own strengths and weaknesses utilizing the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Self-Assessment. A Subject Matter Expert (SME) will lead the workshop and guide the participants in setting immediate and long term personal and professional goals. At the inception of the program each participant will receive a pre-program assessment to establish a baseline of existing skills, knowledge, and other attributes. At the conclusion of the program, each participant will be reassessed to determine instructional gains.

    Cultural Awareness

    Participants will explore the different layers of diversity within the Latino community: foreign born, U.S. born, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, etc. Participants will be guided on methods to optimally leverage diversity and empower the Latino community. We will identify potentially negatively perceived community norms or behaviors and how to break negative cycles and discuss how to better “represent” the communities.

    Professional Development

    Through role-playing and real-life networking opportunities, the participant will develop effective networking skills, identify ideal volunteering opportunities, and build an effective professional network.


    Basic leadership concepts are discussed to support the achievement of personal and professional goals.

    Civic Engagement

    Through data and personal accounts from elected officials and historians, the participant will be able to assess gains and opportunities for the Latino communities at the local, regional and state level. Also covered will be an overview of the local government system as well as the necessary steps to get involved including the basics of running for elected office.

  • To receive a certificate of completion, participants must complete the following:

    • Attendance: Participants are required to attend, at a minimum, 90% of the sessions (employer approval is encouraged).
    • Assessments: Participants will need to demonstrate at least 80% proficiency in each of the topic areas.
    • Evaluations: Participants will be asked to provide feedback and complete course and program evaluations.

    Then we are ready to move forward with our Future Leaders.

  • Future leaders is a program that serves as a horizontal and vertical cohort creator. Participants will develop a close and diverse network of concurrent graduates for support, networking, business development, and opportunity generators. In turn, each participant, and eventual graduate, will serve as a resource and role model for future classes.

    Participants who are interested

    • in gaining a competitive advantage in the workplace and in the community
    • In leveraging their innate advantages as bicultural individuals
    • In a unique networking opportunity for Latino and non-Latino members of the community Integration into mainstream business
    • in becoming leaders in the Latino community who understand cultural nuances in the workplace
    • in an Learning how to close cultural gaps in a comfortable environment
    •  Developing future leadership skills by example, through close instruction from subject matter experts and thought leaders

    Expected results for participating organizations include

    • Reduced conflict and misunderstandings due to cultural differences between Latino and non-Latino employees
    • Increased knowledge and access to the growing Latino talent pool and consumer market
    • Increased number of Latino leaders prepared to lead multicultural teams

    Expected results for the participating individual include

    • Increased sense of self and ability to use innate advantages

    Expected results for the community at large include

    • Increased Latino talent attracted to and retained in the area
    • Increased civic engagement from the Latino community