Center for [email protected] Studies Pathways to Post Secondary Success

The Center for [email protected] Studies seeks to help students get to and through college by building on their cultural identity. To this end, we work alongside community members and organizations to provide culturally responsive college access and retention programs. The Center for [email protected] Studies currently has partnerships in Grand Rapids, Holland, and Oceana County. 

Promesa Avancemos

Promesa Avancemos focuses on college and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) career exploration for students in 7th and 8th grade. Students participate in activities that bridge the gap between STEM education, cultural identity, and college readiness. During the program, students have the opportunity to explore careers in engineering and health fields.

Learn about Promesa Avancemos here.

Promesa Summer Success

Promesa Summer Success is a free, eight-week program for rising juniors and seniors in high school. Students can earn seven college credits over the summer. Promesa Summer Success combines academics and college preparation with the cultural experiences of the students, the instructors, and the city. Success requires people to know the cultural resources that exist within and around them. This understanding will create the leaders of our community, today and tomorrow.

Learn about Promesa Summer Success here

Promesa Scholars

The Promesa Scholars Program (PSP) was created to support the academic advancement and retention of incoming Promesa Summer Success students at Ferris. In 2017, the program was redeveloped and scaled to provide access to resources and opportunities, empowering more students to achieve college completion and career readiness. 

Learn about the Promesa Scholars Program here.

Student Engagement

The Center for [email protected] Studies is committed to offering several ways to connect with the Ferris community and several [email protected] communities in the Mid-West. Opportunities include

  • Volunteering
  • Student Employment
  • Connecting with student organizations
    • Hispanic Student Organizations
    • Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity Inc.
    • Spanish Club