Our Clients

We serve many groups and organizations in many different ways. Here are just a couple.

Michigan Department of Education Office of Career and Technical Education

The Office of Career and Technical Education (OCTE), as its name implies, concerns itself with preparing the state's K-12 students for careers. One way it does this is through providing professional development opportunities to Michigan's teachers.

Services we provide OCTE: As the registrar for its numerous professional development programs, we help gather and manage its database. We are also the full-service coordinator of OCTE's yearly statewide conference.

GLEMS: Great Lakes Electric Meter School

The Great Lakes Electric Meter School (GLEMS) was started in 1989 by a committee composed of members of electric utilities, electric utility manufacturers and experts in the utility field. The mission of the school is to serve as a medium for the exchange of information and techniques to preserve and further improve upon high-quality utility service. The school also fosters professional relationships between company personnel as a means of assuring intra-industry communications.

Services we provide GLEMS: For every one of the organization's nineteen annual regional conferences, we have provided comprehensive organization and planning services. In fact, here is what one person had to say about us, “The Great Lakes Electric Meter School (GLEMS) is one of the top meter schools in the United States. Each meter school throughout the United States is associated with a University – such as the Texas Meter School is associated with Texas A&M. Ferris has helped develop the school from the beginning and has helped GLEMS grow over the years. Ferris handles all the promotions, registration, finances, and daily operation of the school. The steering committee is only concerned with developing courses and instructors to teach the various courses. Once developed, Ferris has given CEU credits for the various courses. This turnkey system has developed a long lasting relationship between the Steering Committee members and the staff at Ferris State University.” James L. Andrews – Chairman, American Electric Power