Ferris Career Exploration Collaborative

Ferris State University was recently selected by the Engineering Education Service Center (http://www.engineeringedu.com) to serve as the national center to coordinate and expand Technology Engineering Aptitude (TEA) events and related Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) workshops that engage K12 students in hands-on activities and encourage career exploration through exposure to role models and education. Although there is an emphasis on encouraging middle school-aged girls to consider engineering-related careers, the workshops have expanded to encourage boys to explore careers in healthcare considered nontraditional for their gender. The workshops may be tailored to include opportunities for elementary and high school students. 

As part of the new role as the national center, Ferris will provide train-the-trainer workshops to certify interested educators in this national curriculum that was created by engineer, author, and recently retired director Celeste Baine. Once certified as a trainer, individuals are able to return to their organizations and coordinate TEA events and STEM workshops to reach even more students. Additionally, Ferris will continue to host TEA and STEM workshops on campus and beyond with plans to increase outreach efforts even more. Additional information will be coming soon.

To preview the curriculum and learn more, an overview of the first TEA event hosted on campus in 2014 is captured in a brief video here: 2014 TEA Event