Our courses are taught by current community college practitioners and Ferris faculty members with special areas of expertise.  Click on a name to learn more about a faculty member.

Lynne Adams, Ph.D.
Lynne Adams, PhD Associate Vice President & CHRO
Prince George's Community College, MD

Ron Ally
Ron Ally, EdD
Executive Vice President/CFO
Harper College, IL 
 Sandra J. (Sandy) Balkema, Ph.D.

Sandra J. (Sandy) Balkema, PhD
DCCL Dissertation Director and Professor of English
Ferris State University, MI

Jo Alice Blondin, Ph.D.

Jo Alice Blondin, PhD
Clark State Community College, OH

Barbara Bouthillier

Barbara Bouthillier, EdD
Adjunct Faculty
Grand Rapids Community College, MI

Jonathan Bullock, Ph.D.

Jonathan (Josh) Bullock, PhD
Lake Land College, IL

Diane Chaddock, Ed.D.

Diane Chaddock, EdD
Executive Vice President/COO (ret)
Southwestern Michigan College, MI

William (Bill) Crowe, Ph.D.

William (Bill) Crowe, PhD
President Emeritus
Tyler Junior College, TX

Naomi DeWinter, Ed.D.

Naomi DeWinter, EdD
Muscatine Community College, IA

F. Michael (Mike) Ennis, Ph.D.

F. Michael (Mike) Ennis, PhD
Professor of Education
Ferris State University, MI

Allen Goben, Ed.D.

Allen Goben, EdD

Lori Gonko, Ed.D.

Lori Gonko, EdD
Vice President, Institutional Research, Planning, and Accreditation
Henry Ford College, MI

Cheryl Hagen photo

Cheryl Hagen, EdD

Darby Hiller, Ph.D.

Darby Hiller, PhD
Associate Provost, Faculty Affairs & Institutional Research
Wittenberg University, OH

Cameron Koch, Ph.D.
Cameron Koch, PhD
President (ret)
North Central Michigan College, MI

Talia Koronkiewicz
Talia Koronkiewicz, EdD
Vice President of Student Affairs
McHenry County College, IL

Lamata Mitchell
Lamata Mitchell, PhD
Vice President, Instruction and Academic Operations
Pima Community College, AZ

Lee Ann Nutt, Ed.D.
Lee Ann Nutt, EdD
Lone Star College Tomball, TX

Lee Ann Nutt, Ed.D.
Lee Ann Nutt, EdD
Lone Star College Tomball, TX

M. Richard (Dick) Shaink, Ph.D.
M. Richard (Dick) Shaink, PhD
President Emeritus
Mott Community College, MI

Kristin Stehouwer, Ph.D.
Kristin Stehouwer, PhD
Executive Vice President/Chief Academic Officer/Chief Operating Officer
Northwood University, MI

Roberta (Robbie) Teahen, Ph.D.
Roberta (Robbie) Teahen, PhD
DCCL Director
Ferris State University, MI
Jeanine Ward-Roof, Ph.D.
Jeanine Ward-Roof, PhD
Vice President of Student Affairs
Ferris State University, MI

L. Marshall Washington, Ph.D.
L. Marshall Washington, PhD
Kalamazoo Valley Community College, MI