Preliminary Curriculum Approval

The preliminary curriculum approval process assures that curriculum development is aligned with the Ferris State University Strategic Plan. The Preliminary Curriculum Approval Form (PCAF) requires a brief description that addresses a range of pertinent information and topics.  A PCAF is required when significant new resources (equipment, library, facilities, funding, faculty/staff, etc.) will be required to implement the modification or addition. The PCAF is reviewed by department administrators, deans, the Provost or his/her designee, and the President's Council and should be approved prior to creating the full curriculum proposal. Approval of the PCAF does not guarantee funding support from Academic Affairs.

Preliminary approval by the Provost does not guarantee final approval of the full proposal. Approved PCAFs are posted on the Academic Affairs website to inform the entire University community about programs under development.

 A PCAF is required for the following curriculum initiatives:

  • New degree, program/major that requires three or more new courses and/or new resources
  • New minor, concentration, or certificate that requires three or more new courses and/or new resources
  • Existing program redirection or shift of emphasis requiring three or more new courses and/or new resources
  • Curricular customization of existing program for delivery to an off-campus cohort group

You can download a copy of the PCAF here. (current on 1/11/2021)

PCAF Budget Detail Form

Reviewed Preliminary Curriculum Approval Forms (PCAFs)

Board of Trustee Approval

Ferris State University’s Board of Trustees will review and approve new academic programs at their regular board meetings throughout the year.