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The Seventh Annual Author Celebration 2019
was held on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 6 p.m. Granger Atrium, Granger Building, Ferris State University main campus.

Submissions are closed for this year's event. The deadline for submission was January 31, 2019. No late submissions are permitted. 

The Author Celebration's purpose is to honor faculty, staff, and students for their original work that has already been recognized outside of Ferris. The event showcases faculty, staff, and students who have published, presented, exhibited, or performed a scholarly or creative work in a professional setting between the dates of January 1 and December 31 of 2018.

Examples of scholarly or creative work include:

  • Fiction book
  • Non-fiction book
  • Scholarly article
  • Documentary
  • Short story
  • Book chapter
  • Presentation
  • Poem
  • Poster
  • Sound & video recording
  • Art exhibit
  • Creative expression
  • Performance

Conference presenter submissions are preferred before December 31st, as supporting documentation is often changed with the new year, but submissions will be accepted in January too.

The Author Celebration event is hosted by Ferris Library for Information, Technology and Education (FLITE), Kendall College of Art & Design Library, and the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

Please contact Carrie Franklund if you have any questions at ext. 3534 or [email protected]


1. Work must be published, displayed, presented, or acted between January 1 and December 31 of prior year.

  • Pre-Press Journal articles that have not been published yet in print, but are on-line, will not be accepted until they are published in print if the journal is a print journal.

2. No submissions are accepted after January 31 of current year.

3. Work must be original

  • Copy editors who correct grammar are not recognized; however, a main editor who compiles a work as a whole is accepted. This type of editorial work may include placement of texts, creating a unified voice, moving the reader to some point of view(s) and conclusion, and writing the preface and summary.
  • Reviewer work is not accepted unless review is substantial (scholarly, footnoted, and lengthy). Reviews that are one or two paragraphs long are not accepted.

4. Work must be recognized by a committee or group outside of Ferris.

  • The work does not necessarily need to be peer-reviewed but the work must have been submitted for inclusion and chosen while someone else’s work was denied. For example, a painting submitted to a gallery for sale would not be recognized but work accepted to be a gallery exhibition would count. Works that are self-published or published on someone’s blog or website, with the blog or website owner being the only reviewer, are not accepted.
  • Work recognized in an online journal may be accepted if decisions are made by a committee.
  • Work done in a public space where there is no oversight, such as performance art showcased at a mall, is not accepted.
  • Work published in a Ferris venue such as Kendall’s Helen Miller Kendall Gallery for graduate work (HMK Gallery) or in Ferris’ Doctorate in Community College Leadership (DCCL) publications such as DCCL Perspectives are not accepted.
  • Student work done in or for a class is accepted if it receives outside recognition. For example, a student’s publication won an American Advertising Award (ADDY) and was subsequently accepted by the Author Celebration committee, even though the book had not yet been published by a company.

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