Steering Committee Membership

The goals of the HLC steering committee are to assure a positive reaffirmation of accreditation and to improve the University through the process.  The activities to accomplish this include:

  • communicate with internal and external stakeholders,
  • provide guidance for the criterion committees,
  • review evidence of criteria that are successfully met and identify areas for improvement,
  • work with appropriate stakeholders on improvement efforts, and
  • assemble evidence and submit comprehensive materials for reaffirmation of accreditation.

Full Steering Committee includes all people listed on this page.

Core Steering Committee

Jeff Ek1 Associate Professor & Chair College of Business
Kristi Haik1,2 Dean College of Arts & Sciences
Jason Bentley5 Dean Retention & Student Success
Paul Blake Provost and Vice President  Academic Affairs
Mitzi Day Director Institutional Research
Angela Dow Professor Kendall College of Art & Design
Tom Dowling5 Assistant Dean College of Pharmacy
Steve Durst Dean College of Pharmacy
John Globoker Dir. of Admin and Finance/CFO Kendall College of Art & Design
Donna Green2 Associate Professor College of Business
Mike Grandy Associate Vice President Administration and Finance
Jennifer Hegenauer3 Executive Director Extended & International Operations
Alison Konieczny Librarian/Associate Professor FLITE
Tara McCrackin Associate Professor Kendall College of Art & Design
Jon Moroney5 Associate Professor Kendall College of Art & Design
Anne Norcross Professor Kendall College of Art & Design
Steve Reifert5 Dean Extended & International Operations
Angela Roman Director Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services
Brenda Sipe5 Director of Continuing Studies Kendall College of Art & Design
Mark Thomson4 Professor College of Arts & Sciences
Jeanine Ward-Roof2 Vice President Student Affairs
Heidi Wisby5 Director Financial Aid
Charles Wright Dean of Academic Affairs Kendall College of Art & Design
Ex Officio: Mandy  Seiferlein5 Interim Associate Provost - Accreditation & Assignment Academic Affairs
Ex Officio: Angela Hollister Assistant to the Associate Provost Academic Affairs

Co-Chairs: Criterion, Assumed Practices, and Federal Compliance Committees

Susan Owens Associate Professor College of Health Professions
Gayle Lopez Professor and Chair College of Business
Olukemi Fadayomi2 Professor College of Arts & Sciences
Melinda Isler Professor FLITE
Jim Woolen Associate Dean College of Business
Leah Monger Assistant Dean FLITE

2HLC Peer Reviewer
3Quality Initiatives Project Manager
4Representative of the Academic Senate