Course Grade

  • In over 12 years, SLA workshops have assisted more than 29,000 FSU students.

  • Within the past year: 38% of the SLA course sections passed 100% of the students enrolled, more than half (54%) of the SLA course sections had pass rates between 94-99%, and overall 90% of the students in SLA course sections earned a C- or higher.

  • Over the 12 year period the average pass rate for students in SLA sections was 88%.

  • Over the same time period the difference in pass rates between SLA and non-SLA sections was +11% in favor of SLA. This means that SLA passed 3024 more students than those enrolled in non-SLA course sections during the 12 years that FSU has utilized SLA.

  • Between 80 to 84% of the workshop students feel they have earned a ½ to 1 letter grade increase due to the effort of attending workshop.