General Attendance and Workshop Policies

The Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) workshops are designed to assist all students in successfully completing their course work.  The workshops will offer students the study strategies, background information and practice time vital to academic success.  Workshops are an important part of the academic course and, to be beneficial, must be attended with regularity.  To that end, the following policies will be in effect for all SLA workshops.

  1. All students are required to attend all SLA workshops until the professor establishes the baseline grade with the first test, quiz or other assessment tool.
  2. The professor will establish the grade (or percentage) at which attendance becomes mandatory or voluntary. Students scoring above the indicated grade (or percentage) are encouraged to attend, but will not be held accountable for absences. Your professor has determined that the cut-off grade will be.
  3. Students need to know if the professor is using a cumulative (running total) grade for every activity or just exam scores in determining who is required to attend SLA or not.
  4. Students are required to attend workshops at any time during the semester in which their grade (or percentage) falls below the established cut-off and until their grade (or percentage) improves up to the minimum score. It is the student’s responsibility to learn if he or she is required to continue attending after an assessment. Students should ask the professor if they are uncertain. Do not make any assumptions about your attendance status.
  5. No more than four (4) unexcused absences from the required workshop sessions will be permitted during the semester. In the few instances where SLA meets once per week for a 3-hour workshop, only two (2) unexcused absences are allowed. Students who exceed their number of unexcused absences will receive a failing grade in the course or may withdraw if this occurs during the University’s class withdrawal time period. Check the FSU academic calendar for the last day for “W” grades.
  6. The SLA attendance policy is separate from the professor’s attendance policy. Students are required to understand and follow both policies.
  7. A student who arrives more than 15 minutes late will be marked absent. If the Facilitator offers a break in workshops that meet more than two (2) hours in one session, student returning from break more than five (5) minutes late will be marked tardy. For every three (3) times a person is late for a workshop session, either at the beginning of the session or following a session break, (five minute tardy), they will receive one (1) absence.
  8. A student must be present for the entire workshop to receive credit for attending. Students required to attend the workshop but leave early will be marked absent.
  9. Students who are requested to refocus their behavior on the learning task more than two (2) times during the course of a workshop session may be dismissed and marked absent.
  10. Voluntary students (meeting the minimum grade or higher) are strongly encouraged to arrive on time and stay at SLA workshops for the duration.
  11. A student must have all required materials and actively participate in order to be counted as having attended the workshop session. This includes bringing lecture notes and textbook. Students forgetting materials will be allowed to get them but will be marked late for the workshop session. A student who comes to a workshop session unprepared and is not participating can be asked to leave the workshop and will be marked absent.