Absences - Excused with Documentation

  • University-sponsored events in which an excused absence form from the University is presented to the SLA facilitator (i.e. sports travel, approved field trip with another class).
  • Death in the family.  Appropriate verification will be needed such as an obituary in the newspaper, funeral card, or note from the funeral home.
  • Extended hospitalization.  Appropriate verification will be required from your physician and hospital.  This does not include emergency room visits or doctor appointments as excused.
  • For students who are commuters—dangerous weather conditions in which driving is considered by local police authorities to be unsafe.
  • Being called to testify in a court case or jury duty – but not for being arrested. (Verification required)
  • Active military duty.  (Verification required)
  • These excused absences require that official documentation be provided within two (2) weeks of the absence.  If it is not provided within the 2-week timeframe, it remains an unexcused absence.