Ferris Program Acknowledged with Hesburgh Certificate of Excellence

In April 2000 FSU was officially recognized for its Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) Program by  receiving the Hesburgh Certificate of Excellence. Ferris was one of five undergraduate colleges or universities in the nation to receive the award.

The Structured Learning Assistance Program offers all students the opportunity to improve their study and learning skills in specific courses and encourages collaborative learning. The program provides four hours of guided study workshops each week that improve study skills and promote mastery of the course content. These workshops are in addition to the regular class sessions. Enrollment in SLA courses is voluntary; however, once enrolled, if a student's grade falls below a 2.0, attendance at workshops is mandatory until the cumulate grade point improves to a minimum of 2.0.

The integrated system has dramatically improved student pass rates in challenging courses. SLA students achieve passing grades at a rate 19 percent higher than students in comparable classes without SLA workshops.