SLA Presentations and Recognitions Archive

Date Presentation
December 2015: Karen Royster-James and Kimberly Smith – Chinese Faculty presentation: SLA Works!
August 2015: Karen Royster-James, Kimberly Smith and Abby Wagner - Consulted at Broward Community College - SLA training
April 2010: Arlene Krellwitz - 6th Annual Association for the Tutoring Profession (ATP) conference presentation: Structured Learning Assistance. It works!
September 2009: Arlene Krellwitz - Consulted at Mid-South Community College- SLA overview and training
May 2009: Arlene Krellwitz - Consulted at Wallace State Community College - SLA overview and training
October 2007: Julie Thatcher – 40th Annual College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) conference presentation: Structured Learning Assistance: Past, Present, Future.
April 2007: Julie Thatcher and Jim Valkenburg – 3rd Annual Association for the Tutoring Profession (ATP) pre-conference workshop presentation: Structured Learning Assistance: A Program Designed to Enhance Student Success.
March 2007: Julie Thatcher – 31st Annual National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) conference poster presentation: Structured Learning Assistance: New Directions for a Successful Program.
October 2004: Christina Hollenbeck -23rd Annual Michigan Tutorial Association (MTA) Conference presentation: SLA Works!
October 2004: Kathy Walter, Arlene Morton - 31st Annual National Professional Nursing Education & Development Conference
August 2003: Kelley Templin, Pasquale Di Raddo - Midwest Regional Meeting Presentation 2003
April 2003: Neil Michaels, Helen Woodman, John Kowalczyk, Diane Griffin -Ferris State Well Represented at NADE Meetings
November 2000: John Kowalczyk, Terry Doyle, Joan Totten, Helen Woodman -Retention and Student Success Professional Presentations