Honors Scholarships


Scholarships for all Honors students

Woodbridge N. Ferris Scholarships

Students who are eligible to apply for the Honor's Program are usually eligible for merit-based scholarships. Please visit "Woodbridge N. Ferris Scholarships" for more information.

Honors Residential Life Scholarships 

Students who are accepted into the Honors Program and required to live on campus according to University policy, will be awarded a non-renewable Honors Residential Life Scholarship valued at $1500 to help offset the cost of their Honors Hall room.  Honors students who are not required to live on campus qualify for the Live-On Incentive and do not qualify for the Honors Residential Life Scholarship.  Contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life to learn more about the Live-On Incentive and how to receive it.

Questions regarding these scholarships may directed to [email protected]. For future questions about Federal Financial Aid, please visit the Financial Aid pages, linked below:

Federal Financial Aid

Students interested in applying for federal financial aid are encouraged to become familiar with the process. Please visit 'Financial Aid Process' for more information.