Honors Housing Policy

Honors Students will be required to live in Honors halls so long as they are required to live on campus. A single room will be made available to every Honors student, however, if a student chooses to live in a double, a double may be available. Students who are accepted into the Honors Program and are required to live on campus according to University Policy, will be awarded a non-renewable Honors Residential Life Scholarship valued at $1500 to help offset the cost of a single room. 

The Honors Program does not require students to live on campus beyond the requirements set by the University. If a student chooses to remain on campus after his or her first year, he or she can take advantage of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior Incentives made available by the Office of Housing & Residence Life. 

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are welcome to continue to live in honors residence halls. Students who choose to remain on campus beyond their requirements must complete a Housing contract by March 31st of each year to ensure a room in an honors hall. Students who miss that date may not be able to live in an Honors hall. Students who stay on campus beyond their requirements will not be required to purchase a meal plan.