Honors Groups

Student groups play an important role in shaping the Honors Program. They are great ways to earn leaderships experience, find service opportunities, and participate in the honors community. From participating in democratic processes that shape the growth and development of the Honors Program with the Honors Student Association to mentoring new Honors students as an Honors Peer Mentor our program’s success draws heavily from student contributions. 

Honors Student Governance

Honors Student Council 

The Honors Student Council is the 'umbrella' meeting of the chairs and presidents of the various groups.  It meets monthly, and all meetings are open to members of the Honors community.

The Honors Student Council is open to students in Honors at Ferris State University regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious identity, national origin, physical or mental disability, age, marital status, genetic information or status as a U.S. Veteran. The Honors Student Council abides by and supports all established policies of Ferris State University, including those of Student Government and the Honors program, State and Federal laws, and local ordinances and regulations.

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Honors Events Committee

The Honors Events Committee (formerly 'Honors Programming Board') plans and executes at least one entertainment event for the Honors program each semester. This organization also designs and sells apparel for the Honors Program.

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Honors Peer Mentor Program 

The Honors Peer Mentor Program is an Registered Student Organization, or RSO, of honors students working to make the transition of freshman into college and honors smoother and more successful. The group is governed by the Honors Peer Mentor Program Executive Board and works closely with the Honors Advisor. It exists to organize and assist the incoming honors freshman with the tools to succeed in their first year of college, including matching them with a peer mentor and providing opportunities to get to know the campus, community and their fellow freshman. 

To become a Peer Mentor, one must apply. Interviews to become a Peer Mentor for each fall semester are conducted by the executive board during February.

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Honors Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs committee seeks to provide intellectual challenges and support to Honors students.  The committee engages in an open dialogue with the Honors Program administration about the structure and assessment of the curriculum of the Honors Program, including the requirements to maintain good standing in the Honors program. It seeks to encourage collaboration between the Honors program and other academic activities on campus, including but not limited to, collaborating with other academically-focused RSOs such as FSUbuntu, identifying topics and speakers for our ‘Lunch and Learn’ series, and advertising fellowship, scholarship and research opportunities available to our students. The Academic Affairs committee is responsible for review of proposed Honors contracts, and study abroad scholarships.


Honors Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement Committee seeks to integrate Honors students into the community by identifying and promoting high-quality service opportunities.  It seeks to encourage collaboration with other organizations promoting service on campus, including the Volunteer center and student RSOs. It is always looking for community partners with whom it can collaborate to help Honors students realize their commitment to service.

The Community Engagement committee maintains relationships with community partners, such as with Days of Service and Learning and Adopt-A-Highway.

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