Reports and Forms

These forms have a dual purpose: first to encourage meaningful reflection, and second to track commitments of individual honors students. We will also use this information to measure the outcomes of the program as a whole. Reflection facilitates learning by connecting experience to cognition. We hope you take advantage of the opportunity to reflect specifically and honestly about your experience in Honors. We are looking for accurate self-appraisal as you Contribute, Expand, Develop, and Participate in a community of learners.

The links below take you to forms that will allow you to report directly to the Honors program. Please note the expectations about when to complete each form; if you have any questions or concerns please consult with the Honors Program office. All forms allow you to save your work and resume at a later time.


Type of Form When to Report How to Report Link to Form

Service Hours

15 hours per semester for 1st year, 30 per year for 2nd-4th year Students report community service by logging into MyFSU and joining Honors. When adding involvement entries it is necessary to select the Honors Program as your organization. Make certain the email address for your reference is accurate and that they are expecting to receive a request to approve your hours.  On Honors Path

Cultural Event Report

3 per semester, 6 per year Complete a cultural events report within two weeks of attendance at an event while the experience is still vivid in memory. Students who have completed at least one semester in Honors can choose to either reflect on their experience or merely report attendance at an event. First semester students must complete a full reflection, which will be emailed to their HNRS100 Professor. On Honors Path

Leadership Report 

Fill out once, at any time before completion The Leadership position report asks you to reflect on your accomplishments and leadership style. Please consult the student handbook for readings on leadership styles. On Honors Path

Preparation for Final Year 

Fill out once, 1 year, or 2 semesters, before your anticipated graduation date. (i.e. 'Junior' status) The Preparation for Final Year in Honors is an opportunity to start thinking about your Senior Symposium project and ensure you have a positive experience that connects to your passions. You must complete this form before you can register for the senior symposium. Preparation for Final Year in Honors 

Senior Symposium 

Fill out 1 week before the actual event When you are ready to turn in your symposium; Please submit on Honors Path. On Honors Path

Application for Medallion/Cords

Fill out once, prior to Senior Symposium, usually the last Thursday before the last week classes in the semester you intend to graduate (i.e. 'Senior' status). Application for Honors Medallion / Cords encourages you to take a long view of your experience in Honors and confirms your completion of all aspects of the program. Application for Honors Medallion / Cords

Withdraw from Honors

If you would like to withdraw from Honors   Withdrawal form

 All forms allow you to save your work and resume at a later time.