Contribute: Leadership

Caitlyn Bailey at the Honors Speech contest 2014

Leadership has no value on its own. It is only valuable as a means for bringing out the best in people, by inspiring and motivating them to commit their energies, skills and talents to the organization’s vision.

The Honors Program requires each of its students participate in leadership development process. This involves joining a registered student organization (or 'RSO') in the first year as well as participating in the peer mentor program.

Two honors students discuss RSO business by the fire in the UC

A ‘Leadership position’  is one in which the individual is involved in creating a vision for an organization, communicating that vision, as well as developing and implementing the strategy to achieve that vision. This can be a formal, elected position (such as president of an RSO) or appointed (such as Captain of a team). A leadership position is to be distinguished from a ‘management’ position. The manager administers a program, while the leader innovates; the manager maintains while the leader develops.


The Leadership requirement of the Honors Program at Ferris State University is designed to promote integrity, entrepreneurialism, self-assuredness, resilience and aspiration. These traits are not usually taught in the classroom, but are better learnt through practice. Thus, we require that each student engage in leadership development and complete a “Leadership Position Report” by the time he or she graduates.