Outstanding Honors Contracts

“A student in Plastics perfects the CNC router as part of his Honors contract.”Honors Contracts allow students to personalize their education to fit their unique interests and specific career plan. Contracts are agreements between students and their faculty to take non-Honors classes for Honors credit. Students create additional projects that demonstrate autonomous learning on the subject matter of the course. Contracts ought to require competence or mastery of a specific subject areas or technique, rather than specific amount of time spent on a project. Here are some recent examples:

  • In Music and Film, a Music Industry Management student created an independent film exploring a day in the life of a college student that carefully balance the soundtrack and content.
  • A Biology/Pre-Pharmacy major launched an independent study into the causes affecting the decrease in the monarch butterfly population revealing the complex and interrelated factors involved.
  • A Public Health major used her contract to prepare for a medical service trip to Central America with a student organization so that she would be better prepared to benefit the local population.
  • A Construction Management major examined bridge construction in seismic regions before spending a summer working with a company building bridges in a seismically active area.
  • In Statistics, a Business major surveyed and examined the differences in study habits between Honors and non-Honors students. This work was presented at the Mid East Honors Association conference and won second place in the poster session.

Students and faculty consistently find this hands on work enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.

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Resources for Faculty considering supervising an Honors Contract