Application Status

Effective as of January 1, 2017, all new applications for General Education status will be tracked in the following table. This will provide an open and transparent view of the approval process and allow applicants to follow the progress of their individual applications. Links to documentation will be provided once the FLOs for each competency are finalized. Decisions will be based upon committee votes (A = approve, R = revise and resubmit, D = disapprove).

Proposal Initial Routing Subcommittee Full Committee Other Actions  
     ID Course Subcommittee Date Decision (A/R/D) Date Decision (A/R/D) Date Decision (A/D) Date Form G
2017005 DAGD 150 Culture 09/25/2017              
2017004 AMGT 360  Culture  09/25/2017               
2017003 PHIL 120 Culture 09/13/2017              
2017002 ACCT 201 Quantitative Literacy                
2017001 HSMG 226 Diversity 01/12/2017 (6/0/0)  02/20/2017  Held
Pending Outcomes