About the General Education Committee

Committee Charge

The University General Education Committee (UGEC) provides faculty oversight for the General Education Program. This committee directly reports to the Associate Provost of Operations. Its responsibilities include:

  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures;
  • Giving final approval of all General Education course proposals;
  • Ensuring implementation and analysis of assessment evidence for the purpose of program improvement;
  • Implementing and overseeing a course recertification process;
  • Mapping of all learning outcomes to curricular and co-curricular experiences;
  • Promoting the GE program to all constituents;
  • Arranging faculty development as needed to ensure success of the General Education program;
  • Undertaking any other activities necessary for the continued success and improvement of the program.

Committee Composition

The committee is chaired by the general education coordinator and consists of one representative each from the Colleges of Health Professions, Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Human Services, and Engineering Technology. Additionally, there is one representative each from the library staff (FLITE), Retention and Student Success, the Ferris Nontenure-track Faculty Organization (FNTFO), and the Academic Senate. The Associate Provost of Operations is an ex officio member of this committee. Memberships are for three year terms that expire at the end of the academic year.

Committee Members (2019/2020 academic year)

  • Victor Piercey, CAS (chair)
  • Clifton Franklund, CAS (assessment coordinator)
  • John Scott Gray, CAS
  • Jimmie Joseph, COB
  • Khagendra Thapa, CET
  • Angie Mishler, Staff and Professional Advisors
  • Jacob Pollack, COEHS
  • Sheila MacEachron, COHP
  • Amy Greene, EIO
  • Mari Kermit, FLITE 
  • Monica Frees, RSS
  • Kathryn Wolfer, Academic Senate
  • Paul Zube, Ferris Nontenure-Track Faculty Organization
  • Leonard Johnson, Associate Provost of Operations (ex officio)