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Vision and Values Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning

Vision Statement

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning seeks to be a premier, multifaceted faculty development center at a teaching-intensive university.  


The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning values:

  • The University’s core values of collaboration, diversity, ethical community, excellence, learning, and opportunity;
  • Teaching that is grounded in substantiated research of how people learn and other research on teaching and learning;
  • Being a safe and supportive environment for FSU faculty to seek assistance, learn, and work in creative and diverse ways;
  • The autonomy of individuals, while also recognizing the shared responsibility of the University community to advance the mission, vision, and goals of Ferris State University;
  • Making public our policies, processes, and the outcomes of our work without infringing upon the privacy of others;
  • Involving faculty members in determining FCTL's practices, policies, and programmatic priorities; and
  • Having respectful and open- and service-minded relationships with the entire University community.