All faculty are to keep one copy of their course syllabi on file in their department s office and one in the Dean s Office. Faculty can submit syllabi online to the Dean s secretary. Since syllabi are considered contracts between faculty and students, a printed copy must be distributed to students and any changes are discouraged. However, if a change is deemed necessary, please use the following procedures: 1) Changes to syllabus need to be made public and explained (e.g., I am changing this because ). 2) Any changes to the syllabus need to be in writing and students need to have a copy to replace the original page. 3) It is recommended that faculty have students reach consensus (e.g., voting) on any changes made to the syllabus.

The following is a recommended outline for a course syllabus:

  1. Course Description/Goal/Prerequisites
  2. Course Outcomes/Objectives (some subjects/programs may need to align with Michigan standards)
  3. Course Requirements/Due Dates
  4. Required Materials
  5. Tentative Course Outline/Schedule
  6. Rules/Regulations (e.g., writing requirements, etc.)
  7. Attendance Policy (including a point system, if used)
  8. Academic Dishonesty Policy and other Academic Policies
  9. Behavioral Expectations
  10. Graded Assessment Activities (including the total points assigned to the course with points and requirements for each activity)
  11. Grade Assignment for Course
  12. Special Learning Needs Statement
  13. Office Hours