Guest Application

Students in good academic standing and currently enrolled in another regionally accredited post-secondary institution may apply as a guest applicant to Ferris State. No transcript of grades in necessary from other institutions.

Students can print off a guest application from the FSU Admissions website. They will need to take the application to the Registrar's Office of their home institution to verify that they are in 'good standing' and have the Guest Application sent to Ferris State's Admissions Office.

If the student qualifies, they will be placed into a Non-Degree Guest program in University College and may be allowed to take up to 9 credit hours at FSU.

FSU students who wish to become a guest student for a semester at a different institution must be directed to the FSU Student Service Center to fill out a guest application. The Student Service Center will review the application to ensure that the student qualifies (must be currently enrolled at FSU and not owe a balance). The Student Service Center will then send the guest application to the guest institution.