Disruptive Behavior Policy Statement

The College of Education & Human Services strives to maintain a positive learning environment and educational opportunity for all students. Consequently, patterns of behavior which obstruct or disrupt the learning environment of the classroom or other educational facilities will be addressed.

The instructor is in charge of the course . This includes assignments, due dates, methods and standards of grading, procedures regarding attendance, tardiness, late assignments, outside conferences, etc.

The instructor is in charge of the classroom. This includes the times and extent to which he or she allows questions or discussion, the level of respect with which he or she and other students are to be treated, and the specific behaviors he or she will allow within their classes. Open discussion of an honest opinion about the subject of a course is encouraged, but the manner in which the class is conducted is a decision of the instructor.

An instructor is entitled to maintain order in his or her class and has an obligation to other students to do so. Toward that end, an instructor is authorized and expected to inform a student that his or her behavior is disrupting a class and to instruct the student to stop that behavior. If the student persists, the instructor is authorized to direct the student to leave the class. If the student fails to comply with a directive to leave the class, the instructor may call Public Safety to assist with the student's removal.

If a student persists in a pattern or recurrent disruptive behavior, the student may then be subject to administrative action up to and including an involuntary withdrawal from the course, following administrative review by the COEHS Dean's office, and/or University disciplinary proceedings. (University disciplinary procedures are delineated in the "Student Conduct and Discipline Policy" reprinted in the FSU Student Handbook.)

Disruptive behavior cannot be sanctioned by a lowered course grade (e.g., from a B to a C) except insofar as quality of classroom participation has been incorporated into the instructor's grading policy for all students. ( Note: Academic misconduct, which is covered by other regulations, can be a legitimate basis for lowering a grade or failing the student.)

Students, as well as employees, are bound by the University's policy against harassment, in any form. Harassment will not be tolerated.

The student's Dean's office will be notified of any serious pattern or instance of disruptive behavior.