Dismissal Appeal and Readmission Related to Grade Point Average and/or Academic Progress

Students who have been dismissed from the university for academic reasons (see Academic Dismissal Policy) may: appeal their dismissal and be readmitted under these guidelines:

  1. Appeal of Dismissal - The student must submit a written appeal to the Dean/Associate Dean of the College. A COEHS committee chaired by the Dean/Associate Dean will make the decision regarding the appeal. The committee s decision is final.
  2. Readmissions - Following a first dismissal from the COEHS or any other college at FSU, a student may not enroll in classes for one full calendar year during which time the student must earn at least twelve (12) credits of college-level course work at another college or university, earning a minimum of a 2.0 GPA in each course before applying for readmission to COEHS.

Once a student fulfills the above readmission criteria, a student may apply for readmission by completing an Application for Admission form from the Admissions Office.
If readmitted, a student must achieve a 2.0 GPA in order to remain enrolled.

According to University policy, a student who is dismissed from FSU three (3) times is not eligible for readmission.