Class Schedule Change (Drop/Add 4-Part Form)

Procedure to Add a Class

Students who wish to add classes after the initial drop/add period must go to their Student Academic Affairs Office to process a 4-part form:

  1. There must be a note from the instructor giving permission to add the class or a note from the instructor verifying that the student has been attending the class.
  2. The student must carry the 4-part form signed by the Director of Student Academic Affairs to the Student Service Center to pay for the class and have it added to their schedule.

Procedure to Drop/Withdraw a Class

After the initial drop/add period, students may drop or withdraw from a class by going to the Student Academic Affairs Office and processing a 4-part form signed by the Director of Student Academic Affairs. The last date to drop a class and have it removed from the students schedule is posted in the syllabus attachment.

COEHS - Course Withdrawal Procedures

Prior to withdrawing from a course, the student will get a pre-withdrawal form from Bishop 604. After the student obtains the form, they will complete the following steps:

  • Student meets with the instructor of the course during office hours to determine whether or not a withdrawal needs to happen. The student needs to get a signature or email from the instructor for the form.
  • Student meets with Financial Aid to discuss implications of a withdrawal. Walk-in Advisors on duty every day from 8:30-4:00. The student needs to a get a signature from Financial Aid.
  • Student meets with his or her assigned academic advisor to discuss options and determine if withdrawal is the best choice and signs off on the pre-withdrawal form. The advisor will record comments in MyFSU.
  • Student Academic Affairs Office assists student in completing the following information on a class schedule change (4-part) form:
    1. Student name, student number (ID), term, and college
      1. Terms are now numeric and are indicated by the year and term: fall ends in 08, spring ends in 01, summer in 05  (example:  fall ’16 would be 201608)
      2. College = EHS
    2. Class Withdrawal Information – CRN, Alpha, Course #, Section Code & # Credit Hours
    3. Student is given goldenrod copy after all signatures are obtained
    4. Student records assistant sends white copy to records office  
      1. Note: records office will scan into Xtender – copies are no longer sent back to department or instructor
    5. Canary copy is placed in student file
    6. Pink copy is sent to instructor

NOTE:  It is ultimately the students’ responsibility to make sure that their withdrawal is processed on the system.  They should always keep their copy of the signed form as proof that they completed the course withdrawal process.

Total withdrawals from the university must be done via the Timme Center for Student Services – CSS 101 or by calling the records office at 231-591-2792.