COEHS Parent Program

 Welcome Parents, Families and Friends!

We at the College of Education and Human Services have many of the same goals that you, as parents and family members have for your student. We want our Bulldogs to be successful and feel supported as students and individuals until they pass the graduation stage.

Please explore our parent page and feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns at [email protected].


Monthly Newsletter

Newsletter Cover Photo

Each month the College of Education and Human Services will send a monthly newsletter to parents. If interested in enrolling for a free monthly subscription, click here.  

This enrollment is through Gmail. If you do not have a G-mail account, please e-mail us stating you would like to enroll in our monthly subscription with your name and address to [email protected].

Parent Forum

Throughout each semester, a parent forum will be conducted to create a connection with our COEHS parents.  Agendas and meeting minutes will be located here for additional use. 

(Additional information will be available soon.)


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