COEHS Mission, Vision, Outcomes, and Assessments


The College of Education and Human Services strives to graduate students who will secure careers as knowledgeable, participatory and collaborative professionals; who adapt to, serve, and participate meaningfully in a diverse and rapidly changing State, nation, and world; and who model life-long learning and integrity in their professions, their communities, and their lives.


To create and maintain an environment in which the faculty, staff and students thrive by:

  • Recognizing that we do important and meaningful work;
  • Promoting excellence;
  • Encouraging personal and professional development; and
  • Supporting positive work experiences.

Outcomes & Assessments


Know - Knowledge for career entry and advancement

Do - Skills and strategies for career entry and advancement

Be like - Dispositions and behaviors for career entry and advancement


Know - External tests and examinations, portfolios, comprehensive exams, capstone projects

Do - Internships, student teaching, field placement, studies related to the workplace

Be like - Internships, problem solving, ethics classes, capstone seminars