Criteria for International Travel

Because faculty members frequently request support for international travel, the COEHS developed the following criteria for such requests:

  1. Approval of travel request is based upon employee length of service to University;
  2. Traveler pays 25% of total travel expenses and/or has support through a Timme grant;
  3. Experiences should be related to courses that the traveler teaches and has direct relationships to the courses taught;
  4. International conferences or other professional development opportunities should be within the discipline and support curricula or disciplinary projects;
  5. Travel experiences include should include presenting a paper, participating on a panel, or teaching a class;
  6. Sponsoring organization should be a recognize professional entity; More consideration will be given to travelers who are invited; and Frequency of trips such requests for COEHS should not be made within a 5-year cycle.

Other international travel opportunities such as study abroad and Fulbright Scholars have their specific criteria and application processes to which the traveler must adhere.