About the College

The College of Education and Human Services is committed to continuous improvement of the programs, classes, teaching methods, scholarships, and internships. Additionally, the College and Program personnel always are making new contacts to assist their graduates in finding jobs in their chosen careers.

Students who study for careers in education, criminal justice, and television production, are focused on their profession and graduate with the skills, knowledge, and strategies that ensure career advancement and leadership. Because the students have practical experiences that require them to solve real problems on the job, they are employable.

All of the programs have academic service-learning opportunities, field placements for practical experiences, and internships. For example, Television & Digital Media students videotaped Ferris State University activities that were shared by the New York Times and sports events viewed by almost 2,000,000 people. Imagine putting those experiences on a resume! Teacher education students have a variety of field placements and student teaching opportunities; criminal justice students do service-learning projects to improve the quality of life for children, youth, and families in addition to their internships.

Faculty members are teachers first and foremost to ensure that all students learn. As teachers, they focus on their classes and students. They study teaching and implement innovative strategies which engage the students in their learning. In the school of Criminal Justice, faculty members teach problem-based learning strategies, in which students will use practical skills and knowledge to solve problems on the job.  In addition, faculty members infuse technology in their teaching and take advantage of the latest web-based, web-assisted, and on-line learning technologies.

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