Mission Statement

The Mission of the Ferris State University Law Enforcement Academy is to increase the professional capabilities of law enforcement officers by developing recruits who are capable of addressing Michigan's public safety needs for the 21st Century. The foundation of the Academy instruction is based upon the core values of courage, commitment, honor, character, and the pursuit of excellence. These ideals are paramount to our commitment to build collaborative community partnerships where increased levels of trust and respect create a safe environment while protecting individual liberties.

Core Values and Ethics

  1. I. Courage (Physical and Moral)

    To manage fear
    To take moral and just action to accomplish the mission or goal
  2. II. Commitment

    To pledge to a particular course of action
  3. III. Honor

    To keep ones word
    To possess integrity
    To fulfill one's promises
    To accept responsibility and accountability for one's actions
  4. IV. Character

    To possess moral excellence and exhibit firmness
  5. V. Pursuit of Excellence

    To strive to be the best
    To learn from mistakes through self evaluation

Code of Ethical Behavior

I will not lie, cheat or steal
I will not tolerate anyone who lies, cheats or steals
I will use only lawful means to pursue lawful ends
I will devote myself to the pursuit of justice for all persons
I will protect and serve the innocent
I will strive to be worthy of the trust placed in me as a law enforcement officer