Criminal Justice Administration Program

Mission Statement

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration provides high quality education to criminal justice professionals, administrators, and traditional students. The program develops the theoretical and analytical knowledge of students to prepare them for advancement in their field or preparation for law school or doctoral studies.

Move Forward in Your Criminal Justice Career

As you advance in your career, you've probably realized that a master's degree would help you develop and enhance the administrative skills you need to move up through the ranks of your agency.

Just for people like you, Ferris State University offers a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. 

In addition to giving you the skills and credentials needed for promotion, this degree is designed to meet the theoretical and analytical needs of people continuing on with doctoral or law studies.

Listen to what our students and faculty have to say about their experience: Master's testimony

Curriculum Information

As you move through the curriculum, you will gain valuable knowledge through core courses in areas such as legal issues and the nature of crime; enhance your skills through criminal justice research methods and evaluation; and focus on administration through leadership, budgeting and personnel management courses. You will then use what you have learned as you complete either a thesis or graduate topics and comprehensive critique/exam experience.

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration requires 30 semester hours for graduation. The master's degree emphasizes four core areas:

  • Administrative and Leadership Skills.
  • Personnel and Budgeting Management
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Crime and Violence

Admission Requirements

A baccalaureate degree - preferable in criminal justice or related field - from an accredited institution with an earned cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher is required. Students who do not meet this requirement may be admitted provisionally, but must have a 3.0 GPA at the end of their first 12 semester hours. An official transcript (if not a Ferris graduate) from the school granting the baccalaureate, three letters of reference and a personal statement indicating why the individual is interested in pursuing a Master of Science degree must be submitted.

Students are encouraged to apply early in order to facilitate financial aid requests if needed. Applications are available at all sites or by calling (231) 591-3652 or e-mailing the graduate coordinator at [email protected]. No application fee is required.

Course Locations

This program is available at three locations in Michigan: Big Rapids, Grand Rapids and Howell. For information about admissions, curriculum, or services available at each location, please contact the School of Criminal Justice in Big Rapids.

Big Rapids
School of Criminal Justice
(231) 591-3652

Grand Rapids
Applied Technology Center
(800) 998-3425

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average time for completion?

For full-time students, the degree will take one year (fall, spring and summer semesters). For students taking just two classes per semester, the degree can be completed in two years, or in four years by taking one course per semester.

What makes this program unique?

Through a curriculum incorporating both criminal justice and administrative coursework, the degree is designed to prepare managers and administrators for success in the field of criminal justice.

How are classes scheduled?

Four courses are offered each semester at the Big Rapids campus, and two are offered each semester at Grand Rapids and Howell.

What about credit transfer?

Up to six credit hours may be transferred from another accredited graduate program in criminal justice. These credits are awarded at the discretion of the School of Criminal Justice.