Current Students - ROTC


Need something to break up your normal day? How about a free elective? Looking for an interesting class? Or a class that everyone tells you that you just “have to take?”

How about a change in lifestyle? Maybe that’s what you’re looking for.

Maybe you’ve had the urge to rappel. Learn how to conduct rescue breathing. Fire an M-16 rifle. Sleep in barracks. Eat a military meal.

Army ROTC courses are the answer for what you are looking for. Our courses are offered for anyone in the University, with no military commitment. Perhaps you want to learn more about ROTC or are just interested in the classes. Check out the links below for some more information, or call us at (231) 591-5321.

Courses offered without commitment
A list of courses you can take to learn about the Army and ROTC

ARNG Programs

USAR Programs
Are you currently a member of either the Army National Guard or Army Reserve? You might be eligible to enroll in the ROTC program your last 3 years of college and be compensated for both.

What I need to become an ROTC cadet
Provides detailed information on requirements, benefits and obligations of becoming and Army ROTC cadet, including a link to the Army ROTC website where you can apply online to become a cadet.

Leader's Training Course
Even if you have no prior military experience, we have a program to help get you up to speed on the customs and courtesies that you need to become a future leader in the United States Army. If you are of a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing in college, read more about this opportunity.

Incentives and Training Opportunities
The Army ROTC instills self discipline, teaches you to be a leader and offers you stipends that'll help you pay those expensive student bills.