How YOU Can Make an Impact

Here at Ferris State University and the College of Education and Human services there are many opportunities to give. However, the most common ways of making an impact are through are several scholarships or a donation to a particular school (Criminal Justice, Education, or Television Digital Media Production) within the College of Education and Human Services. 


How to Give

Through the Ferris Foundation you are able to make an online gift to any designation including a particular program, school, or scholarship.  

Simply click on the Ferris Foundation link below and you will be directed to the Ferris Foundation webpage. Proceed to the "Make a gift" section where you are able to choose what kind of gift you would like to donate. 

If you prefer to give by mail, telephone, or make a pledge, please click here to proceed to the payment method page.

The Ferris Foundation

As stated on the official Ferris Foundation webpage, the purpose of the Ferris Foundation is to advance the mission and goals of Ferris State University by generating and managing private support for the university.


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • A gift to the Ferris State University College of Education and Human Services is the most comprehensive commitment you can make to the School of Education, the School of Criminal Justice, and the School of Digital Media. It is necessary for the annual financial health of the University and the College of Education and Human services. Your gift will help support every student, professor, and program. Your gift provides the much-needed flexibility to respond to changing circumstances and it allows the College to take advantage of new opportunities. Finally, it provides the much-needed financial support to all students within our College and assists them with making sure college is affordable.

  • Alumni and donors are often curious about whether their gift will make a difference in the lives of others. Participation is often more important than the size of the gift. Your gift either large or small will be of great help to a student in need and will be greatly appreciated by the faculty and program leaders that work with struggling students every day. Therefore, it is important to think about each gift before you make it.

    “It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” 
     Mother Teresa

  • Yes—you can give monthly, quarterly, or annually. Many organizations offer automatic payments on a monthly or quarterly basis via credit card or bank account to help you make the impact on the organization at a rate that is convenient for you. For example, a monthly gift of $100 equates to a $1,200 annual gift! We understand that the gifts that you provide are a financial sacrifice on your part; therefore, we are flexible in how we work with donors in order to ensure that we honor and respect your input.

  • It is important for a donor to know that you are not alone when giving to the College of Education and Human Services. Our College receives multiple gifts from our faculty, alumni, industry partners, and other friends of the College. More specifically, the faculty, staff, advisory board and alumni board members all dedicate their time, talents and treasure to the College in order to assist students with their needs. You will be joining hundreds of fellow alumni who all want to help our students achieve their educational goals here at Ferris State University.

  • Every donor should be acknowledged for their gift. Therefore, you should expect to receive a thank you letter from Dean Arrick Jackson, thanking you personally for your gift. You may also be asked, if you prefer your gift to be anonymous or publicly listed as an encouragement for others to give. Further, your gift may entitle you to a wide variety of invitations, newsletters, and communications from the College of Education and Human Services so you can see how your gift is being used. We want every donor to feel good about their gift and be informed as to the impact your gift has had on student lives.

  • If you want to take a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes, make sure the organization is tax exempt as a charity under section 501(c)(3) of the internal Revenue Code. Ferris State University is a tax-exempt organization and all of your gifts to the College of Education and Human Services are tax exempt.

 If you have any additional questions that can not be answered above, please contact the Ferris Foundation staff.