Our Partnerships and Donors

The College of Education & Human Services strives to create a college environment ideal for students to connect with a variety of opportunities that will help shape and redefine their college career. Through sponsors and partnerships directly between our college and organizations and a host of individual donors, College of Education and Human Services provides students unique opportunities to become well-developed individuals in their respected program.

Below you will find additional information about our commercial donors as well as how to become a partner in making a positive impact on our students and future professionals.

Donor Recognition

A comprehensive list of our outstanding partnerships and donors that help redefine and support our students' educational success.

Interested in Making an Impact?

Learn more about how YOU can make a positive impact on our COEHS students and their education.

The Ferris Foundation

The purpose of the Ferris Foundation is to advance the mission and goals of Ferris State University by generating and managing private support for the university.

Planned Giving

Planned giving is a very thoughtful way to support scholarships and programming at Ferris State University.