TV and Digital Media Production

Mission Statement

Television and Digital Media Production at Ferris State University provides opportunities for student learning in both the creative and technical communication skills necessary to develop successful careers.  Students learn the art and craft of visual storytelling through applied, hands-on learning, in small class-sizes, from faculty with industry experience, through client-oriented coursework and an intensive internship experience. 

Whether you enjoy learning how movies are made, producing your own show to broadcast over the Internet, working behind a camera or editing images and sound, the Television and Digital Media Production (TDMP) major at Ferris State University is the best way to reach your television or digital media goals. Combined, our award winning faculty have over 100 years of experience working in professional television and digital media production settings and are well respected around the nation for preparing students for a myriad of related careers.

Hands-on, Applied Learning

TDMP Student with video equipmentAs a TDMP student you will receive hands-on experiences with the tools of the trade beginning in your first year in the program. We are pleased to provide an applied learning experience where you will learn by doing. Small class sizes provide daily exposure and operation of state-of-the-art equipment. You will produce live television shows, magazine-format shows, DVDs, web sites and edit on the newest computer editing stations while working with the latest in high definition camera equipment.

Real-World Experience

After working with clients on campus and completing the necessary requirements, you will further enhance your skills during a 6-month full-time internship in the field. We foster internship opportunities throughout the United States where your career will continue to grow with real-world guidance from industry professionals.

Professional Opportunities

Your TDMP education will prepared you for a wide range of careers in the Television and Digital Media Production field. Alumni are currently working in broadcasting, cable, corporations, independent production companies, post-production firms, professional sports venues, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, education, government and the film industry.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

TDMP features high definition portable video equipment, a fully high-definition studio control room, and dedicated digital media and video editing labs complete with the latest technology and software. Portable flash recorders are used for digital media capturing, and servers facilitate access to media. You will use a wide range of cameras with a variety of capabilities including high-end Sony cameras for field production, JVC cameras for studio production and the Panasonic AG AF-100 for digital cinematography production - all capable of recording in the ATSC high definition standard.

In the studio or on a multi-camera sports production, you'll use Harris Inscriber Character Generators, Broadcast Pix Granite 5000 and Sony switchers, Mackie audio mixers, as well as Lowell lighting instruments and Colortran lighting controls. For post-production, you'll edit and create on software systems from

  • The latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud: After Effects® CC Professional, Premiere® Pro CC, Photoshop® CC Extended, Flash® CC Professional, Illustrator® CC, Audition® CC and Dreamweaver CC
  • The latest version of Avid: Media Composer

Student productions are released on a local cable channel, on Fox 32 in Cadillac, streamed over the Web on the TDMP student produced website or burned onto DVD.

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