DMSE Program Graduate Testimonials

Well here I am my first work. So far I like it. I'm looking forward to the work here and any challenges it presents to me. I want you to know I appreciate everything that you've done for me and that it's meant for the world to me all the faith that you put in me. I have faith in your words and your kindness and it's carried me this far to a point where I can start to do better for my family and the life to come. So far everybody has been really impressed with the experience I gained with Ferris (mainly the fact that it's a college campus that emphasizes .net) and the database experience I've gotten with my internship. Everything we did in Ferris has really helped me and has directly applied to my experiences here. ~Spoelman
The DMSE coordinator was able to get me my first internship. Since then, with all of my work experience from the first job I have worked at two other companies doing work in my field. All of the work experience has also helped me in my school studies and have made me very successful on our class projects. We focus a lot on team building and most projects are team based to get us better prepared for the job world. Because of the work that I did at my first job, I was able to get recommended to my current full time position as a software engineer. ~Anthony
Thank you; I was hired as a salaried employee with full benefits!!! Human Resources said that I would get a substantial salary increase as soon as I graduate. ~Chad I just got out of my interview a little while ago and they did offer me an internship. I am going to take the job, I know I will learn a lot. Hopefully I can get up to speed and surprise them. ~Joshua
I just thought I would give you the heads up about my new and improved software development job! I was hired for a salaried C# position. I just finished my first week there and it is an awesome gig. I even get my own office :) Well I hope your summer is going as splendidly as mine! ~Meinke My internship experience at Steelcase provided me insight into the value of my skillset. It also showed me what a corporate job is like. I walked away with a better idea of my ideal job, and how I would go about getting it. ~ PH
I just got my first job after two or three interviews so things are good right now for me. Thank you for all your hard work being my professor. I couldn't have had a better one. ~David