Mohamed AbusharkhMohamed Abusharkh

(IEEE S’12) is a software engineering faculty at Ferris State University and a visiting scholar at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo,  Michigan, United States. Dr. Abusharkh received his PhD in 2016 from Western University, focusing on resource management in Next Generation Cloud computing technologies, introducing efficient techniques to tackle resource allocation challenges catering to service delay, energy efficiency, performance evaluation and high availability. He endeavors to combine the insights gained while working  as software implementation consultant along with research modeling, optimization,  and  performance evaluation techniques to design solutions catering to real world challenges. This yielded successful results for projects in the area of Cloud Computing covering resource allocation, Cloud systems performance measurement, high availability,  energy efficiency and machine learning supported by industrial partners like Samsung and Ericsson. His current research interests span topics including Cloud computing resource optimization,  Natural language processing, real time bidding (RTB) for Cloud resources in IoT environments and exploiting Machine Learning for better resource utilization.