The World Runs on Software


Digital Media Software Engineering

From the moment you wake up you are surrounded by life-enhancing products that require software. Software Engineers are needed to design software to continuously advance every product and invent new ones.

The Digital Media Software Engineering program teaches software development from design to delivery. You will understand software engineering as a process and best practices that will prepare you for careers in informatics, business, health care, automotive, robotics, smart devices, and entertainment.

Work Activities

Software Engineers focus on the technologies, procedures, and methodologies involved in the development of Software Applications for the: Medical, Automotive, Entertainment, Business, and Education. While developing innovative and productive software solutions, software engineers address critically important issues such as: requirements management, configuration management, database design, unit testing, and quality assurance. Software Engineers, in short, produce life-enhancing software products - products that have and will continue to change our world.

Work Settings

Software Engineers usually work in casual office settings that aim to inspire creativity. All work is done using computers, software and hardware. Tools of the trade include: extensive use of programming languages such as C#, C++, Visual Basic Java, Ruby. In addition, project management software, design visualization, and data modeling tools are used to successfully complete software projects.

Average Earnings

Software Engineer: $85,000

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