DAGD - There's always something to do at Ferris!

What Makes Us Different?

Ferris State University – Is certainly not your ordinary campus. Where else can students and faculty frag each other during rounds of Unreal Tournament and apply that knowledge to original level designs? What other program encourages students to play different games in their off-time as "research?"

Ferris – we offer 19 Ferris State University locations whose community of students share many classes throughout the day. Students quickly get to know everyone and their respective talents since and often work on both personal and class projects together. It’s always interesting to find out who’s working on what and which projects are coming to fruition. Students usually spend a large amount of time in the computer labs working on projects and finishing homework. It’s a great place to get help and constructive criticism on your work. Fortunately, there is always time for a quick game to relieve stress.

Ferris State University –offers several social activities and events to help expand your social horizons. We play host to various guest speakers and workshops during the semester and there is a growing number of student run organizations.


It all depends on what type of educational experience you would like. We offer our DAGD program on two campuses here at Ferris State University; Grand Rapids and Big Rapids, Michigan.

Housing in the heart of downtown is available so that students can take advantage of all Grand Rapids has to offer. Through our partnership with Rockford Construction, we offer dorm-style living in the beautiful 5 Lyon building. Efficiencies, one, two-, three-, or four-bedroom units are available with the ability to choose your roommates or go through our roommate placement program. Either way, all tenants will have an individual lease. We offer a list of possible housing options, but please note that Ferris State University does not inspect or endorse any of those listed.

If you are more interested in the traditional dorm style housing experience then Big Rapids is for you. Housing in Big Rapids offers a residential approach that fosters a close knit community. You may arrive not knowing anyone but quickly will meet classmates and start to build friendships that will expand throughout your educational experience here in Big Rapids and beyond. Some of the benefits to being housed on our main campus is your ability to interact with lots of individuals with diverse backgrounds and a massive variety of social and intellectual experiences right here on campus. For more information about “life at Ferris”please contact our Office of Housing and Residence Life.

What To Do?

Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a vibrant and active urban community. Check out the links below for information about what there is to do and see.

Big Rapids, Michigan has lots to do! Year round activities include hiking, fishing, camping and beautiful golf courses.