Ferris State University - Grand Rapids students are able to take part in many social activities during the semester. Our selection of student-run clubs and organizations is growing, providing social and networking opportunities for our students.

During their time with us, our students are encouraged to attend conventions and special events that give them a chance to network with people in the industry and help give them a sense of how their future career might develop. These events include workshops and guest speakers held here at the university or conventions such as Future Play, the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International, SIGGRAPH, and the Game Developers Conference.

Students also have the opportunity to give back to the community by helping out at one of the summer camps offered by Ferris - Grand Rapids for middle school and high school students interested in animation and game design. The summer camps are held during the summer and allow kids to find out what really goes on in their favorite games and give them a chance to experience it first hand.

The biggest event of the semester is always the Ferris Frag Fest, a no holds barred game event where players compete to become the semester's Master of Frag, winning both prizes and bragging rights. Starting this fall there will also be the 24-Hour Level Design Challenge, a team event where students compete to design the most original Unreal Tournament level in the 24 hours leading up to the Frag Fest.

Digital Animation Game Design Events Listed Below